Hooghly Women’s College Library was started along with establishment of the college in 1949. The college maintains a resourceful well equipped library with a well-furnished and specious reading room. The college library system comprises of the Central Library and 17 Departmental Libraries.


            At present the Central Library has over 29906 volumes of books and 22 journals/magazines. Apart from printed documents the college library has approximate 4000 e-journals and more than 70000 e-books by subscribing INFLIBNET-NLIST program.


            1. All categories of users can access the books from the Central Library as well as from

                Departmental Library.

            2. LIBSYS software has been procured for automating in-house activities and services of

                the library. OPAC facility is given.

            3. Xerox facility is given for the users.

            4. Internet facilities are available.

            5. Users can access the e-books and e-journals through INFLIBNET NLIST.

Library Hours:

            Library remains open on all working days from 10.30A.M. to 4.30 P.M.


There is a two-storied building within the college compound for accommodation of students ofHonours courses. New Hostel for students is under construction with UGC special assistance Scheme.

Hostel Staff:

  1. Superintendent [Teacher, Non-residential]
  2. Lady Metron [Non-Govt., Hostel Committee approved post, residential]
  3. Govt. Staff : 1Cook, 3 Helpers, 1Assistant, 1Sweeper (Part-timer) & 1 Guard (Part-timer).
    [One post of Helper, one post of Attendant, post of Sweeper and the post of Guard are lying vacant.]

Hostel Charges:

Admission [at the time of entry] (to super) Rs. 250/- p.a.
Seat Rent [every year, to be deposited once] (to college) Rs. 350/- p.a.
Establishment Charge [every year, to be deposited once], (to super) Rs. 650/- p.a.
Contingency [every year, to be deposited once] (to super) Rs. 650/- p.a.
Electricity & Telephone [Bill & Maintenance] (to super) Rs. 100/- p.m.
Boarding (to be submitted to Mess Committee) Rs. 500/- p.m.


  1. During hostel admission, local guardian must be present and should be introduced to Superintendent.
  2. Seat rent, Establishment charges for the entire session to be paid at the time of entry.
  3. A student has to pay in full the Seat rent, Establishment and Contingency charges of she leaves the hostel in the mid-session.
  4. Hostel charges are to be paid within 10th of every month. A fine of Rs. 10 will be charged per week’s default. Name of the student will be struck off from the hostel register if the charges are not paid within the month.
  5. Boarding charges in full will be realised from hostel boarders for stay of 15 days or more.
  6. Student-boarders are not allowed to go outside the college without the permission to the Superintendent.
  7. Application from the guardian/local guardian must be submitted to the Superintendent to take the student home. Students are allowed to go home once in a month and holidays only.
  8. A student boarder can spend a day in her local guardian’s house for once in a month but with prior permission of the Superintendent.
  9. Visitors approved by the local guardian are allowed to see a boarder on Sunday and Wednesday within 4-30 p.m to 5-30 p.m. in winter, within 4-30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. in summer. Signatures of the visitors duly authorized by the legal guardian must be submitted at the hostel gate at the time of entry. However, on Sunday visiting hrs. are extended as from 3-30 p.m. to 5-30 p.m. (in winter ) /6 p.m.(in summer).
  10. No student boarder is allowed to leave the hostel without any escort and the signature of the escort must be attested by the legal guardian to take the student in case of emergency. A letter to the superintendent of the hostel is necessary regarding the matter.
  11. Each boarder should bring her own beddings, clothing, one-set of plate-cup-class etc. and other necessaries regarding personal use. Books for reading purpose are to be supplied by the guardian time to time. Use of mobile phone is prohibited in hostel campus.
  12. Boarders are to receive all letters through superintendent and also to submit to her all letters written by them for posting.
  13. Hostel charges are likely to change as and when necessary.
  14. Boarder shall abide by the “Rules and Disciplines” framed for smooth running of the hostel and are also expected to live as members of a big family. Any breach of hostel rules is liable to disciplinary action against the hostel boarder.
  15. Application for hostel should be made to the Principal by the legal guardian in the prescribed form obtainable from the college office. Legal guardian should furnish the signatures of the local guardian, visitors etc. in the application.



  1. Ananda Prosad - Rani Mukherjee Award.
    Cash Prize of Rs. 500/- to the best student of B.Sc. (Hons.) Part-III Examination.
  2. Sanchali Das Memorial Award :
    Cash Prize of Rs. 800/- to the best student of B.A, Part-III Examination of History (Hons.)
  3. S.N. Roy Memorial Award :
    Cash Prize of Rs 250/- to the best student of B.A (Genl.) Part-III Examination.
  4. Prava Basu Memorial Award :
    Cash Prize of Rs. 250/- to the best student of B.Sc. (Genl.) Part-III Examination.
  5. Abhaya Sundari Debi Chaudhurani Award :
    Cash Prize of Rs. 800/- to the best student of B.Sc. Part-III Examination of Physics (Hons)


  1. Radha Rani Debi Memorial Award :
    Cash Prize of Rs. 500/- to the best studnet of B.A/B.Sc. Part-III Examination of Geography (Hons.)
  2. Reba Rani Datta Memorial Award :
    Cash Prize of Rs. 750/- to the best student of B.A Part-III Examination of English (Hons.)
  3. Narendranath Datta Memorial Award :
    Cash Prize of Rs. 750/- to the best student of B.Sc. Part-III Examination of Microbiology (Hons.)
  4. Dhirendranath Ghosh Memorial Award :
    Books, worth Rs. 750/- to the best of B.A. Part-III Examination of History (Hons.)
  5. Subarnalata Memorial Award :
    Books, worth Rs. 750/- to the best of B.A. Part-III Examination of History (Hons.)


  1. Cash Prize of Rs. 400/- to the best student of B.A Part-III Examination of Philosophy (Hons.)
  2. Cash Prize of Rs. 400/- to the best student of B.A Part-III Examination of Sanskrit (Hons.)
  3. Cash Prize of Rs. 400/- to the best student of B.A Part-III Examination of Economics (Hons.)


  • In memory of Dr. Sukanta Ganguly, Ex-Associate Professor of Pol. Sc. by the Teacher's Council of the College
  • Award to best 3 Honours students of Political Science of B.A. Part-III Examination.

Financial Aid

  • Free-studentship available for poor but meritorious students.
  • Financial assistance is obtainable from Student’s Aid Fund.
  • Facilities for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes respectively are kept reserved as per Govt. order.
  • Alumni Association of the College give Rs. 500/- to the best student of 1st yr. of both B.A. & B.Sc. stream.

Co-Curricular Activities

College students have to take part actively in College Functions, Games, Debate, Cultural competition etc. College organizes one “Inter-College Cultural Competition” every year.

Two units of the National Service Scheme[sponsored by the Central Govt.] have been operative in the College since 1971-72. The object of the scheme is to inspire the students in social works and impart technical instruction in this respect. Admission to this Unit is voluntary but attendance in the activities and any type of social service is always preferable.

Science Centre, affiliated to Paschim Banga Vigyan Mancha, organizes seminar, competitions, quizes etc. with the students of the college.

Women’s cell of the college looks after the human rights and gender related problems of students.

Value Added Courses offered by College Computer Centre
(To be completed within 3 years of study in college)
  1. “O” level computer course
  2. Spoken English
  3. Multimedia

In Collaberation with "The Institute of Computer Engineers(India)

Student's Health Home(SHH)

Students get medical care and support from Studen's Health Home Programme. The zonal centre of SHH, Hooghly is nearby the college and no seperate room exists in college.

Norms For The Students

Students of this college must abide by the Rules and Discipline framed by the College authority. Students should wear Red Bordered White Saree and Red Blouse on the College Foundation Day (1st August), Independence Day and the days as specified by the Principal. The students should maintain a good and healthy relationship with all the Teachers and Non-Teaching Staffs of the College. The students should respect all of them as they are serving this Institution for the perfect intellectual and moral upbringing of them. Use of Mobile Phone is restricted to common room and Student's Union room only. Students must bring the ID card and College Diary, regularly.

An Appeal To The Guardians

Application for admission to the College should be made in prescribed form obtainable from the college. Application for Hostel should also be submitted along with admission form. Change of Hons. subject does not ensure admission to the Hostel. The Guardians have to co-operate with us in our twin task viz. advancement of learning and character building which every Institution should set before itself as its ideal. Admission form of Value Added Courses would be available from the College Computer Centre. Guardians are requested to contact there.









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